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The Faisal Husseini Foundation launched the "Comprehensive upgrading Program" in 2003 in order to serve the schools of Jerusalem. The program which is the main program at the Foundaion aimed to provide comprehensive support  for all aspects of the educational and learning process, including the both infrustructure and teaching methodologies.

One of the objectives of the comprehensive upgrading program is to root the idea of scientific research and literary production in the schools of Jerusalem, to secure an intellectual environment that accepts and builds on pluralism, and develops analytical, critical and creative thinking. 

The achieve its objective the comprehensive upgrading program provides services directed to school staff, students and their families, in addition to restoring the infrastructure and adding educational facilities. The program begins with developing educational visions and strategies aimed at changing the school environment to become a child-friendly environment that preserves children's rights, embraces and encourages their creativity and achievements, while respecting students' individual differences and their different educational and psychological needs. The process of developing visions in schools parallels programs for training staff on teaching skills, keeping pace with technology, and raising awareness of modern educational values and principles. The program also includes the development of infrastructure, facilities and equipment in schools to serve the requirements of the teaching and learning process and encourage scientific research and technological production. This program also provides various activities for students, including reading, scientific research and robot building and programming competitions. Theprogram also implements a program to support and assist students with learning difficulties, as it works on several levels in the school, namely diagnosing the student, developing an academic, cognitive, and psychological treatment plan for him/her, developing a support plan for his/her parents, in addition to educating school staff on the issue of learning difficulties and providing them with the necessary accommodations for each student. In addition to the activities that the program carries out with the staff and with the students, the Foundation also carries out activities to attract and support students' families and attract them to actively and seriously participate in the educational path in schools.

The Foundation worked on this program with self-financing during the years 2003-2005, and worked with funding from the Italian Cooperation / the Italian government through the Palestinian Municipal Fund during the years 2006-2008, and worked during the years 2008-2010 with funding from the European Union, and worked in the year 2010-2011 with Palestinian funding, and between the years 2011-2014 and the years 2017-2020 with further funding from the European Union. In the years 2011-2015, the Foundation worked also worked under the name of the Education Support Project in Jerusalem, as part of a grant supervised by the Welfare Association and provided by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. The number of Jerusalemite schools that have benefited from the program since its inception so far is thirty.