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The Educational Programs at Faisal Husseini Foundation

About Our Programs

The Foundation developed its educational programs in accordance with the needs of the education sector in Jerusalem. The Foundation based its plans upon studies of the sector that were conducted by the Arab Studies Society/Orient House in the year 2002, the Welfare Association in the years 2005 and 2008, the President’s office in the year 2010, and needs assessment surveys developed by the Foundation of which the last were carried in 2022. These programs are:

The Comprehensive School Upgrading Program: With this program, the Foundation provides comprehensive support to the schools it works with, aiming at supporting them to create an environment that allows the students to reach their potential and be active participants in scientific research and art production. To reach its aim, the Foundation works on developing learning that is based on research and critical thinking through training teachers, and the development of the infrastructure and the available facilities at the schools. The Foundation works on supporting the schools to become nurturing institutions that are guided by the values of inclusive learning, democracy, gender equality, pluralism, and respect of children’s rights.

The comprehensive approach at the school also means that the whole school staff will be trained in incorporating the school values in their teaching methodologies and on how to create a nurturing environment that allows students to take charge of their learning through research and production rather than memorization.

Apart from the teachers and school management training components, the Foundation works directly with students. Stemming from the value of inclusive learning, the Foundation diagnoses and sets an intervention plan and accommodations to children with learning disabilities. The Foundation also conducts science clubs, reading contests, extracurricular activities, and educational trips for the students.

The renovation of the school buildings and the establishment and development of libraries and science and computer labs are also an important part of the program.   

Renovation and Maintenance of the Schools’ Buildings Program: This program concentrates on  restoration, maintenance and rehabilitation of the schools’ buildings, indoor and outdoor utilities; such as: classrooms, administrative facilities, libraries, laboratories, gardens, playgrounds, sewage systems, and electricity networks.

The Small Grants Program: This program concentrates on the support of the schools’ emergency  or  small needs. This includes purchasing equipment or furniture, qualifying the classrooms and the educational facilities, or contributing to the coverage of the deficit in the running costs.   

The Foundation funds its programs from its own resources, in addition to fundraising campaigns, and through projects funded by Arab and international funding institutions.