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Dar Al-Tifl Al-Arabi Secondary School

Name of School: Dar Al-Tifl Al-Arabi Secondary School

Year of Establishment: 1948

Name of Principal: Eman Farouq Taji

Phone #: 02-6283251

Fax #: 02-6273477


Address: Jerusalem- Sheikh Jarrah- Abu Obaida St.


Number of Students: 831

Number of Teachers: 42

Number of Classrooms: 25

Educational Stages: from 1st Grade to 12th Grade (both Scientific and Literary Streams)


A dormitory is available in the school.



The school was established in 1948 by the late Hin dHusseini, who devoted her own house to be a shelter and a school for the children of the Palestinian martyrs who were killed in the massacre at Deir Yassin. The school started with 55 children of all ages and various academic levels, and over time the school has evolved and expanded today and became one of the most prominent schools of the city of Jerusalem.

The school includes several sections that are essential to enrich the educational process, such as a social service that offers psychological care and support for the students of the school, in addition to creating awareness on the educational and psychological topics through the school daily classes. As to the mental health of students, which is as important as physical health, the school has a health clinic that is run by the Palestinian Health Work Committees, who are responsible for providing the necessary medical care for the students in addition to holding health workshops according to their health orientation program.

The school is also concerned about supporting the information received by the student there with additional information that may be obtained from the school library, where all the required references from encyclopedias, books, stories, videos, and other educational games available.

It is also interested in developing the potential and talents of the students, and teach them to master some skills, such as computer. On the other hand, the school is interested in developing the talents and capabilities of the students in painting, music and sports.

The subject of Palestinian identity and heritage is important to all Palestinians, so is the issue of maintaining and learning about them. In the school, this is achieved through workshops provided by the schools' museum for Palestinian folklore that increase the knowledge of the students about it through art.

The school has three main buildings. The first building has the general administration and some classrooms. The second is the main building for the school and has: the administration, most of the classrooms, the main kitchen, a library for the secondary section and another for the primary section, a laboratory for physics and another for chemestry and biology, and two computer labs. The third building has the kindergarten, the sports internal hall, the music and arts rooms, the clinic, and the dormitory. The school also has a main hall with stage for the activities, a playground with a stepped seatings, a game zone for the kids, a canteen, external bathroom units, in addition to the museum building next to the school.


Future Needs:


  • Partial cover for the school playground.


  • 150 foldable single table with chair.

Devices & Appliances:

  • Electronic bill board.

Equipment & Materials:

  • Materials and equipment for the physics lab  (static and mobile electricity, mechanics, light, waves, temperature, fluids, energy transformation, and measurement tools).
  • Materials and equipment for chemestry (chemical substances).
  • Material and equipment for biology.
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