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Salah Addin Al-Ayoubi Primary School

Name of School: Salah Addin Al-Ayoubi Primary School

Year of Establishment: 2011

Name of Principal: Randa Kilani

Telefax #: 02-6730147


Address: Jerusalem- Ras Alamoud- Bethlehem Old St. - Building #64


Number of Students: 114

Number of Teachers: 8

Number of Classrooms: 7

Educational Stages: from KG1 to 4th Grade



The school was founded in 2011 in a building rented by Treasury Agency of Morocco, and then registered it as Waqf for the use of the Directorate of Education in Jerusalem. It is a mixed school.

The school building consists of two floors and a basement that contains the bathroom units. It has: an external canteen, 9 bathroom units, seperate yards with a totla area of 865 sq.m without any covers, along with the administration and secretary rooms, teachers' room, resources room, a library, a social and school health advisor room, and a store.


Future Needs:


  • Maintenance of the electrical network, inetrnet, and alarm system in the school.
  • Examination of the yards and fences regarding safety.
  • Rehabilitation of the back yard, and providing fixed external seats and rubber tiling there.
  • Installing water tanks, and examining its pipings.
  • Installing a cabinet for tha gas tubes, and providing external installations for them to reach the kitchen and canteen.
  • Installing finger protectors for all doors.
  • Maintenance to the bathroom units.
  • Installing metalic shutters for the windows of the first floor.
  • Installing moveable covers for the yards and roof.
  • Painting of all the internal walls of school, and maintaining the external painting.
  • Installing solar water heating cells, with water tanks.

Devices & Appliances:

  • Internal and external intercom.
  • 13 heating and cooling split units.
  • Surveillance camers and alarm system.
  • 3 UPS.
  • 3 colored printers.
  • 3 video cameras.
  • 10 laptops.
  • 2 projectors with screens.
  • 2 lumination machines.
  • 7 interactive boards,
  • 2 loudspeakers and a radio.
  • 15 earphones for the computers.
  • A comprehensive sound system.
  • 25 chargeable emergency lighting units for all the rooms and facilities.


  • 30 window fabric shutters.
  • Tables and chairs for the students (from KG2 to 2nd Grade)
  • Fixed cabinets in classrooms.
  • Cabinets for teachers and administration.
  • Carpets for the administration, and rubber tiling for KG classrooms.
  • Bill boards for classroms and corridors.
  • 10 flip boards.

Equipment & Educational Tools:

  • Various sports tools, whistlers, and tools to motivate and cheer the students.
  • books for the library.
  • Syllabus-related tools for science, geography, and mathematics.
  • Laboratory materials and models.
  • Educational games and tools for the kindergarten.
  • Pottery planters, and plants.
  • Arts and paniting materials.
  • Flags and a pole.


  • Training in class management, self control, educational planning, and how to make educational demonstraiting tools.
  • Training for teachers on teaching tools for students with learning difficulties in Arabic, English, and Maths.
  • First aid training.
  • Different computer programs training.
  • Supportive classes for student in Arabic, English, and Maths.
  • Coursed regarding saftey on the roads.

Implemented Work
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