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Dar Alhikmah Schools & Kindergarten

The school has three main buildings in different locations. The details are as follows: 

Name of School: Dar Alhekmah Kindergarten Dar Alhekmah Boys School Dar Alhekmah Girls School
Year of Establishment: 2008 2008 2008
Name of Principal: Hiyam Sha'bani Sami Abdelkamel
Telefax #: 02-5856540 02-6277107 02-5803380
Address: Jerusalem- Beit Hanina- Alqamar St.- Building #8 Jerusalem- Beit Hanina- Almunther St.- Building #3 Jerusalem- Beit Hanina-Alqasr St.- Building #4
Number of Students: 170 148 433
Number of Teachers: 62
Number of Classrooms: 6 8 19
Educational Stages: KG2-KG1 (mixed)

4th Grade to 8th Grade (Boys)

1st Grade to 3rd Grade (mixed)

4th Grade to 8th Grade (Girls)


The school was established in 2008/2009 in one building, with only 6 students (1st graders) and 4 employees. The school developed currently to include three branches and 750 students in total.

The kindergarten is in the ground floor of a 2-stories building, and has 6 classroms. The boys school building has 2 floors, while the girls school building has 3 floors. Both schools contain: a computer lab, a science laboratory, and a small library.

The school evolved gradually by adding a new grade each year until it reached the 8th grade in 2016/2017, and its main goal is to grow until it reaches the 12th grade.


Future Needs:


  • Adding two new floors to the Girls School building, including obtaining the necessary permits for that.
  • Asphalting the external playground, with providing a cover and maintaining the external fences of the Girls School building.
  • Upgrading the electrical service of the Boys School building to 3 phase.

Devices & Appliances:

  • 20 computers.
  • 20 projector for classrooms.
  • 10 laptops.
  • 20 conditioning split units.
  • 5 interactive boards.
  • 10 projection screen.
  • Laboratory devices.


  • Furnishing the library in the Girls School building.
  • External seatings for the yards.


  • Training the teachers on how to use the interactive boards.
  • Developing the teachers' skills in Maths, Arabic, English, & in the interaction with students of special needs.
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