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Abu Bakr Alsiddiq Girls School

Name of School: Abu Bakr Alsiddiq Girls School

Year of Establishment: 1989

Name of Principal: Muntaha Dabash

Telephone #: 02-6730145

Fax #: 02-5364625


Address: Jerusalem- Sour Baher- Shaqaeq Alnu'man St.- Building #2


Number of Students: 487

Number of Teachers: 28

Number of Classrooms: 18

Educational Stages: from 10th Grade to 12th Grade



The school was established in 1989 in a rented building with night-shift attendance, and was supervised by Zakah committee of Sour Baher until 1999 when it became a part of the schools of the Directorate of Education of Jerusalem.

In 2000, The Directorate of Education of Jerusalem was able to rent a residential building for the school and make some adjustments to it to be used as a school, and the attendance switched to day-shift. The number of students then was 335 in 15 classrooms (from 9th Grade to 12th Grade). In 2004 the school moved to its curent building that is consisted of 4 floors.

The school is Secondary for girls only. It contains: 3 internal bathroom units only, a library, a computer lab, a science laboratory, a canteen, an uncovered playground and yards of total area of 2,920 sq.m.with a stepped seatings and with no gardens. The school also has a 300 sq.m hall, in addition to the administration and secretary rooms, teachers' rom, meetings room, and a first-aid room.


Future Needs:


  • A second computer lab.
  • Rehabilitation of the internet network in the whole building.
  • Maintenance of electrical network in the secretary room.
  • Painting the building from the inside.
  • A cover for the playground.


  • Furnishing the teachers' room, with new cabinets.
  • Furnishing the secretary room.

Devices & Appliances:

  • 5 projectors.
  • 5 laptops.
  • 20 interactive boards.


  • Training the teachers on how to use the interactive boards.
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