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Jeel Al-Amal Primary School

Name of School: Jeel Al-Amal Primary School

Year of Establishment: 1972

Name of Principal: Rana Faroun

Telefax #: 02-2798550

Email: jeelalamal@live .com 

Address: Jerusalem- Bethany- near Al-Aytam Islamic Industrial School


Number of Students: 170

Number of Teachers: 11

Number of Classrooms: 7

Educational Stages: from 1st Grade to 6th Grade.


A dormitory is available in the school, with a current number of 72 boys.



The association was founded in 1972 in a rented building in Bethany, with a vfew number of children. Caused by the difficult economical and social circumstances in Palestine, the number of children doubled and so the association had to buy a land and build the current building they have to provide the children with a real homely feeling.

The school is private, for both boys and girls. Its building consists of 3 floors, with an area of 600 sq.m per floor, with a basement that is used as an internal activities hall. The building has a library, a hall, a science laboratory, a computer lab, a music room, a thearte room, a free-activities room, bathroom units, a playground, a yard, a canteen, the administration and secretary rooms, and the teachers' room. 


Future Needs:


  • Construct a new 4th floor.
  • Provide a cover for the yard, where the student line up.
  • Rehabilitate the sports hall and its main door.
  • Maintenance for the internal and external drinking fountains.
  • Rehabilitation of the back yard (behind the kitchen) and installing the gas and diesel tanks underground.
  • Maintainance of the dormitory floors and the living rooms there.
  • Replacing the existing windows and ground tiles in the school building.

Devices & Appliances:

  • Electrical bell for the main door.
  • Electronic bell for class timing.
  • 4 microphones.
  • 1 printer for the administration and another for the teachers, and 1 fax machine.
  • 3 split unit conditions: for the computer lab, the library, and the sports hall.
  • 10 "Net Kitabi" devices for the teachers.
  • 2 laptops.
  • 2 computers.
  • 2 projectors.
  • 1 mobile sound system.
  • 3 drinking fountain coolers.
  • 1 recorder.
  • Educational toys for students with learning difficulties.


  • Shleves for the canteen.
  • External seats for the students in the playground.
  • Curtain shutters: for the theatre, the classrooms, and the administration.
  • Fixed garbage baskets for the yards and playground.
  • Flag pole.


  • First aid course.
  • Training on how to use interactive boards.
  • Handcraft and arts course.
  • Drama employment in education.
  • Awareness sessions with parents regarding Children's rights.

Implemented Work
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      تم إعادة تأهيل مطبخ المعلمات ليصبح مختبراً للعلوم، حيث كان يستخدم كمختبر علوم دون أن تتوفر فيه أي من شروط السلامة. تمثلت الأعمال بإعادة تبليط الأرض وطراشة الجدران واستبدال الشبابيك الجديدية بألمنيوم وتوفير مخرج طوارئ ومحطة لغسيل العينين، إضافة إلى الأثاث الأساسي المكون من الطاولات والأحواض الخاصة والخزائن العلوية مع وحدات الغاز المستقلة (Bunsen Burner).

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