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Programs 02 February 2023

The Faisal Husseini Foundation is currently focusing most of its work on the education sector in Jerusalem, while providing simple support within the framework of emergency support for sports and cultural institutions. The Foundation has targeted the youth sector at a larger scale since its establishment until 2016. During that period, it developed a number of projects, including the establishment of libraries in youth centers, and the development of their infrastructure and programs, in addtion to providing support for their current costs. It has also worked to support awareness and treatment programs for addiction in cooperation with a specialized center. The Foundation also developed the Faisal Husseini Award Program for Youth, which aimed at developing youth artistic, technical and sports skills, and encouraging them to volunteer and develop their exploration skills, in addition to introducing them to the history  of Jerusalem.

  Consequently, the Foundation established 5 libraries in 5 youth centers, supported 4 existing libraries in 4 youth centers, renovated 5 youth and cultural centers, supported the current costs of two youth centers over several years, and parts of the current costs of 5 other youth centers for limmited period. Also it provided equipment, furniture and tools Sports for 8 youth centers and supported training programs for the staff of 17 youth centers, and training programs for participants in 23 youth centers. The Foundation has supported 5 youth activities for four youth centers, and has supported two annual events for a center specialized in awareness and treatment of addiction for several years.