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Faisal Husseini 01 January 2021

Faisal Husseini established the following institutions:

The Arab Studies Society : The Arab Studies Society was established in the year 1979 in Jerusalem. Its headquarters were closed by the Israeli  Government occupying forces several times of which the last was in the year 2001. The Society is still closed. The closed offices  in Jerusalem include a library, The Palestinian Archives Department, The Information Center, The Maps and Surveys Department, The Land Research Center, and The Youth Development Department.

Early Childhood Resource Center: It was established as part of the Arab Studies Society and was then registered seperatly in the year 1985. 

The Palestinian Human Rights Center: It was established in the year 1987 for the purpose of observing and documenting the Israeli occupation violations of human rights. The Center continued working for several years until it was closed in the 90's.

The Orient House: It was established in Jerusalem in the year 1992  as the headquarters of the Palestinian Negotions team. Its departments included the international and Arab relations department, the medea department, the legal department, the renovations division, the conflict reolution division among others. The Israeli Occupation forces closed the Orient House in the year 2001 and renews the closure order semianulay.

The Palestinan Center for Development of Small Projects: It was established in the year 1995 and was closed by the Israeli occupation forces in the year 2001. The center aimed at supporting the Palestinian service institutions including kindergartens, schools and youth centers among others.

Late Faisal Husseini participated in establishing other institutions and headed several institutions' otherss among which is the Jerusalem Society for Welfare and Development. In addition he established several commitees includiing the confrontation of the Iron fist committee which was established in the year 1987, He was also a member of several councils including the Higher Islamic Council.