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As part of the Foundation's campaigns aimed at preserving the Palestinian identity in Jerusalem and supporting the Palestinian schools that teach the Palestinian curriculum in the city, the Faisal Husseini Foundation is launching its third campaign entitled "Buy Time for Jerusalem Schools 2023". The campaign aims at providing furniture for Jerusalem schools that need furniture to accommodate new students, and that needs to replace its worn-out furniture with new furniture.

Why we are currently targeting furniture:

The number of students in Jerusalem is increasing by about 7,000 students annually, and 5,000 graduate annually. Thus, there are about 2,000 students who need new seats every year. In order for the Palestinian schools to serve a maximum number of the new students they need more chairs and tables annually. In addition many schools need to replace their worn-out furniture with new ones.

17 schools will be served through this campaign where around 1900 students will benefit from the provision of new school furniture. You can be part of this campaign through donating to buy a chair, a table or more. for donating please visit the followng link: