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About Us 06 June 2023

We - members of the General Assembly of the Faisal Husseini Foundation, its founders, board of directors and employees - a group of Palestinians; Some of us knew Faisal Al-Husseini personally and were his friend or co-worker, and some of us had a kinship relationship with Faisal, and some of us did not know him personally and did not meet him. What brings us together, despite the difference in our intersections with Faisal Al-Husseini, is our belief in the human values that he carried: the values of equality, justice and love, and the fight against hatred, revenge and despair[1]. We are also united by our belief in the right to defend our homeland out of love for the homeland and not hatred for anyone. We are united by our reliance on the power of logic rather than the logic of power.  We are also united by our pursuit of unitary work[2]. We like Faisal uphold the value of work directed to preserve human existence of the Palestinians in their homeland, through  provision of social services such as education and health, [3]. We - like Faisal, and all Palestinians  have lived and are still living the suffering of the occupation, and we believe in the right of return, which Faisal  actually exercised when he returned bearing all risks to the homeland by a personal decision in 1968. We also believe  that Jerusalem is the focus of the conflict,[4] and that we must focus our work in it and  for it. Our focused work in the education sector reflects our belief in what Faisal believed in; the establishment of “a state that builds schools, wipes away pain, and does not practice oppression” [5].

Establishment date: 30/1/2002

Legal capacity: charitable organization

The Foundation's scope of work: the city of Jerusalem and its suborbs.


General Authority

The General Authority consists of 19 Palestinian personalities concerned with the development of the city of Jerusalem in various educational, health and social aspects, namely:

1. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Al-Husseini

2. Ahmed Al-Shurafa

3. Nathmi Al Juba

4. Fahmy Nashashibi

5. Mamdouh Al-Aker

6. Nabil Daoud Hamouda

7. Rafiq Al-Husseini

8. Akram Haniyeh

9. Zuhair Al-Amad

10. Ishaq Al-Badiri

11. Cloudate  Habash

12. Samir Jibril

13. Hanan Al-Wazir

14. Walid Makiya

15. Lamis Alami

16. Maysoon Al Wahidi

17. Riyad Dajani

18. Fadwa Al-Husseini

19. Hanan Al-Qawasmi


Administrative Board

The Administrative Board is appointed by the General Assembly through an election process that takes place every two years, and it consists of seven members. The current administrative body consists of three female members and four male members, and they are:

Muhammad Abdul Qadir Al-Husseini: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Faisal Al-Husseini Foundation

Lamis Al-Alami: Vice President of the Council

Dr. Nazmi Al Jubeh: Secretary

Ahmed Al-Shurafa: Treasurer

Hanan Qawasmi: Member

Dr. Maysoon Al Wahidi: Member

Nabil Hammouda: Member

Executive staff
Since its inception, the Faisal Husseini Foundation has sought to attract promising and affiliated youth energies, and has worked to create an environment characterized by the high culture of its members, their love for their work, and the team spirit that binds them. The Foundation's staff has the ability to create new ideas, plan, and closely supervise the implementation of various programs, and they number seven employees at the present time, in addition to a group of experienced consultants, who work with the Foundation under special employment contracts.

Sectors that the Foundation works to serve:

Education sector
youth  sector
health sector
Others: small projects to support cultural and community institutions

Foundation activities:

Since its inception, the Foundation has implemented development projects in the city of Jerusalem and its environs in the aforementioned sectors. Its projects have contributed to developing the infrastructure of a number of Jerusalem institutions, developing their administrative and executive capabilities, and contributing to covering their current costs.


[1] New Birth: A prayer wrtten by Faisal Al-Husseini.

[2] Hiwar Al-Omar Dialogue Program.

[3] Stay at home program.

[4] Hiwar Al-Omar Dialogue Program

[5] A political symposium at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, held on September 6, 1993.